Friday, 1 November 2013

Fashion x Music

Stimulating music is a key ingredient in fashion presentations. Music and fashion go hand in hand. Whether it's designers being inspired by music, or musicians being inspired by fashion, they compliment each other. Designers put there ideas into physical form, and producers channel those ideas into musical form for a fashion show. The design process is very much influenced by music. Designers will often choose specific music to play in there studio while they work on a collection. There are also designers whose collections are heavily influenced by the fashions of musicians from the past or present. For example, Hedi Slimane's collections for Saint Laurent are influenced by the style of young glam rock musicians (such as 70's David Bowie). Music evokes a mood or feeling that adds to the narrative of a fashion collection, as well as creating a rhythm for models walk to.

The Wallpaper Magazine SoundCloud page has uploaded the soundtracks of some of my favourite fashion shows, from recent seasons.



  1. I know that I've watched a bunch of runways that have included music as a main component in the clothing. For example; the Victoria Secrets model do runway walks with some famous musicians. I just love how music and fashion can be so different, but so similar at the same time.

  2. Do you think the fashion affects the music or the music affects the designs more? I know that often music artists dress a certain way to project the image of their "style" of music, and vice versa