Thursday, 31 October 2013

Farewell Jil

Fashion designer Jil Sander has left her 45 year old brand for the the third. According to the company, Jil Sander has decided to leave for "personal reasons". Jil Sander is known for her minimalistic aesthetic. I think of her as one of the main originators of minimal fashion design. She has been described as the Queen of Less, Cashmere-Queen, Master of Minimalism, Cool Blonde, Gentle-Jil or Fashion Reductionist. Her pieces of clothing are known for being versatile and timeless. Like most of the designers I love, Jil Sander pays a great deal of attention to the fine details of her clothing. Her clothes are form fitting, and impeccably cut. She uses very high quality materials as well. Her brand has a very specific concept, and whether she is involved with the design process or not, the concept is still present in the brand. The first time she left was in 2000, and the second in 2005. After Jil Sander left in 2005, she was replaced by Belgian designer Raf Simons for an eight year period. Raf Simons work at Jil Sander received rave reviews. Many people much prefer his collections, to the 6 Jil Sander produced when she returned in February of 2012.  I was first introduced to the brand while Raf Simons was designing. The niche of Jil Sander's aesthetic captured my attention, and I have been following the brand ever since.

The following are various campaigns and looks by Jil Sander herself.

It will be interesting to see who succeeds Jil Sander as creative director. Her leave marks the end of an era. She will be missed.



  1. Did her leaving shock your or did you somewhat expect it? (Seeing as how she left 2 times before?)

    1. I expected her to leave sooner or later. She turns 70 this month, and being the creative director of a brand is extremely demanding.

  2. Would you say you're a fan of the minimalist design then? As a side note, why did they keep her name as the brand when she no longer worked for them? (is that a fashion thing?)